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Pillows & Blankets

Dreamer Body Pillow
Good Vibes Throw Pillow
Hamsa Throw Pillow
Velvet Throw Pillow
Furry Throw Pillow
Cable Knit Throw Pillow
Shimmery Gray Throw Pillow
White Plush Throw Pillow
Blush Quilted Throw Pillow
Blush and Gold Marble Throw Pillow
Teal Fringe Throw Pillow
Cable Knit Body Pillow
Blush Corduroy Pom Pom Throw Pillow
Plush Blanket
Furry Throw Blanket
Beige Cable Knit Throw Blanket
Ombre Blanket

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the pillows come prefilled?

Yes! They come with both the pillow cover and the insert.

What is your return policy?

Once we've received your return, we'll issue a refund for the returned items in their original packaging. If you've taken the items out of the packaging but include the packaging in the return, we'll still issue the refund. You can still receive store credit for items not returned in or with their original packaging. The refund or store credit amount is the amount you paid for those items and won't change even if the price of those items has changed. The amount also doesn't include the order's shipping costs.